Why Foster A Cat?

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Fostering is one of the most needed and greatly rewarding volunteer experiences.  Whether you foster one kitten, a litter of kittens, an adult cat or special needs cat, you are providing a temporary home and loving care until your foster is ready for adoption.  Below is a list of questions that Little Orphan Animals would like to know about you and your home before you foster.   

  1. You must be able to provide a safe, quiet and exclusive space in your home for your new foster separate and apart from any other animals in your home.
  2. You must be able to spend quality time - stimulation is important - playing with it, petting, holding - providing as much human contact as it will allow.
  3. Patience is needed.  If you allow your foster the time to "come around", when it is ready you will be extremely rewarded by your efforts. 

Please provide the following contact information:


Street Address ___________________________________

Address (cont.)___________________________________

City ___________________State __________ Zip _________

Phone (h) _________________Phone (c) _____________________

Select all of the following options that apply:

___ Healthy adult cats

___Pregnant/nursing cats

___Neo-natal kittens (2-3 weeks of age, bottle feeding required)


___Injured or sick cats/kittens (meds may be required)

Do all household members agree to your fostering animals?

___Yes      ___No

Do you own or rent your home?

___Own      ___Rent  (copy of lease stating pets are allowed and how many)

Would you agree to a home visit by a Little Orphan Animals representative?

___Yes      ___No

During the day, are you:

___At work (full-time)

___At work (part-time)

___At home

Do you have prior experience with the type of foster care you are willing to provide?

___Yes      ___No

Would you like to have a Little Orphan Animals representative as a mentor (someone you can call with questions or advice?)

___Yes      ___No

Are you willing to bring your fosters to a Little Orphan Animals veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations?

___Yes      ___No

Are you willing to bring your fosters to an emergency clinic at night should they become ill?

___Yes      ___No

Are you willing to administer medications should your foster need them?

___Yes      ___No

Do you have pets of your own?

___Yes      ___No

If yes, what kind and how many?


Are you able to keep foster animals separate from your own animals?

___Yes       ___No

Are your own pets spayed/neutered and vaccinated?

___Yes      ___No

Who is your veterinarian?

Name _______________________________  Phone ______________________

Are you willing to have a Little Orphan Animals representative spend some time with you in your home during the first week of fostering?

___Yes      ___No

When your foster is ready for adoption, are you available to attend our adoption days on most Saturdays and be involved and learn adoption procedures?  We do interviews of potential new homes, vet checks/references when we feel it's needed, we have a delivery policy and adoption fee.  If you would prefer, a Little Orphan Animals representative will handle the adoption for you.  Our adoption days are held at Petsmart in Mohegan Lake from 12pm-4pm on Saturdays.

Note:  If a foster home decides to keep an animal, adoption forms must be completed.

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